Top Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Hate Lawyers (And Why They Really Shouldn’t)

Entrepreneurs and lawyers are two components who need each other. They are an ecosystem in which one will not thrive without the other. Businesses need lawyers and most lawyers today build their practice around businesses. But the two elements however often don’t see eye to eye. There is something about an ambitious, dreamer of an entrepreneur and a technical, rule-abiding lawyer that just doesn’t fit in. Given below are the few situations where entrepreneurs find  lawyers as their enemies and how the situation can be avoided:

REASON 1 – They Speak a Language I Don’t Understand

There is no denying the fact that lawyers love their “sections” and “clauses”. Discuss a problem with a lawyer and chances are he may ask you to refer to a particular section of some law, request a solution and the same may happen. This continuous blabbing of law turns common people crazy.

         How to cope with it?

Be flexible- Let your lawyer know when you don’t have the time to look into sections. But also do not trivialise the work of a lawyer. Always give due consideration to your lawyers suggestions and ask him to be straightforward.

REASON 2- They Spend Way too Much Time on Petty Issues

Another ground of differences lies in the time lawyers tend to spend on issues that seem minuscule to their clients. This wastage of time and money causes frustration and anger among entrepreneurs

          How to cope with it?

Be Patient- One important thing that entrepreneurs need to understand is that the minute details that seem petty to them might actually be of great importance in the bigger picture of the case.  Another way to tackle this problem might be to negotiate a flat fee with the attorney. In this way, the onus to complete the case quickly will lie with the lawyer, and you don’t have to fret over the wastage of time and resources.

REASON 3- Because They are Way too Professional

Be Accommodating- Throughout the world, Lawyers are notoriously famous for their cold-blooded professionalism. The myth that they only care about their fee has probably arisen because their work requires them to be emotionless. Entrepreneurs these days often think that lawyers do not real work and will over-complicate things.

         How to cope with it?

Lawyers are common human beings like you and me and have similar emotions. The reason lawyers sometimes tend to act in an emotionless way just to make sure that they can see the case with full rationality. Also, they tend not to be too attached to their clients as it can hinder their performance, which can in turn damage the client.

Even if the lawyer appears to be arrogant and stubborn, he has your best interests in mind.  And every profession has its black sheep.

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