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Welcome to PocketLawyer Q&A Forum. It's an open community of professionals and knowledge seekers. Here, everyone is free to ask questions. But, the answers come only from qualified professionals. We believe in free and open exchange of information. Our Q&A forum is meant just for that.

Ask any query that comes to your mind and have professionals answer them for you. It's as simple as that. However, to maintain quality of the Q&A Forum, we have come up with some simple guidelines. To participate in the forum, all users must comply with these guidelines. This will help us to keep this forum informative, useful, and spam free.

Below are some simple Do’s and Dont's to get you started.


  • Always be respectful to others, while asking as well as answering questions.
  • Search Q&A before asking a question to avoid duplicate questions or question threads.
  • Ask relevant questions and avoid vague discussions.
  • Be specific. Describe your query in detail without posting irrelevant information.


  • Do not fight or quarrel with other users. It is possible to disagree without being disrespectful.
  • Do not promote your business or practice while answering questions.
  • Do not post objectionable, offensive or religiously evocative content.
  • Do not use copyrighted content without express permission from or due credit to the owner.
  • Do not advertise for any third party or business.
  • Do not post links to third party websites.
  • Do not use anonymous profiles when answering questions.
  • Do not post irrelevant comments or answers that add no value to the discussion.
  • Do not post any personal information (phone number, email address etc.) while asking or answering questions.
  • Do not provide confidential information.

Some Suggestions

Below are some examples to give you a fair idea about posting on the Q&A forum.

Asking a Question

How do I register a property in India or How do I register my Intellectual Property are examples of bad questions. Not only are they too vague, they also lack relevant details and make it difficult to provide a helpful answer.

I am a resident of Delhi and I want to register a residential property in xxx location. What is the procedure to do it? This is a good question as it provides specific details, making it easy to provide a useful answer.

Similarly, I have written a book and I want to get a Copyright for it. How can I do that? It's a good question too as it specifies the type of Intellectual Property you want to register. It will help you as well as others because the answer will be relevant to the particular query.

Answering Questions

Please do not answer questions if you do not have the relevant qualifications. This means that mere opinions or information lifted off the internet are not valid answers.

Answer only if you have knowledge, skill, or experience in the field to which the question relates.

This also means that irrelevant or spam answers will be deleted as soon as they come into notice.

Also, be original and creative while answering questions. This forum intends to provide information in a simple and easy to understand manner. So, avoid using jargon and legal terms that are difficult to understand. Use lucid language instead. Real life examples also go a long way in getting your message across without confusing the readers.

It is always a good practice to cite your sources to make your answers credible and helpful.

Commenting and Posting Content

This law is biased in favour of /against xxx gender/religion/caste. This remark is in clear violation of our posting policies. Avoid posting generalizations and opinions like they are the absolute truth.

In my opinion, this law contains some provisions that need modification to make it more equitable and xxx friendly. This is an example of nice and respectful content. It cites your opinion without being offensive to any particular religion or community.

Also, please remember that the best way to let someone know that you found their answer helpful is to simply click the like button.

Words of Caution

PocketLawyer reserves the right to hide or permanently delete any content that is inappropriate or violates our guidelines.

Please note that we can remove any inflammatory or offensive content without notice. Use of abusive language will result in a permanent ban of your account from the website.

With these simple tips in mind, you can start using the forum and make it an enriching experience for everyone who participates.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or suggestions. We would love to help you and take feedback.


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