A self acquired property of my grand father who died leaving behind 4 daughters and 7 sons out of 7 sons 1 died before him.

Son who died before my grand father has 4 childern who are not letting others in family to dispose the property. Can my father file an injunction suit against them? What can they do after my father files a suit? My grand father had never made any will.


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Your father may file a suit for partition of the self acquired property of your grandfather. However, the basis of seeking injunction is not clear from your end. Since the 4 children are Class I legal heirs, and if they are residing at the suit property, it is not illegal per se. Although if you are not in possession of the suit property, you may ask separately for joint possession and common enjoyment in the partition suit. The property shall equally devolve upon the 6 surviving sons, 4 daughters and 4 children of the deceased son, therefore each of the said parties are entitled to 1/14th share.



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