Ex-Girlfriend is giving pressure to come back into a relationship , else she will file police complaint against me what are my legal rights?

I had a breakup with my girlfriend 5 months back, now she calls me frequently and force me to come back into relationship. I never had a physical relationship with her, she also tells me that she will commit sucide if i don't marry her. Can police arrest me in case she commits suicide. ?


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Pulkit Prakash

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A situation like this is more of a personal matter rather than being a legal one. However, if you think that the situation is grave enough and cannot be solved out by the way of table talk, wherein all sit together and agrees over something rather than fighting over the same then you can bring in some legal professional as a rescuer.
In such situation you need to take some legal steps so that even if some crazy steps are being taken by the opposite party you are not being accused of the same or you are not being harassed for the same.


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Such situations are very common these days where girl forces man to continue relationship else she will commit suicide alleging the man. No body can force you to marry someone. First of all these cases can be settled by mutual understandings. If it doesn't then communicate your intentions clearly in written to the girl. You should avoid any communication after you have finished the relationship.
File a complaint in Police informing about the situation wherein you are getting threats to forcefully continue the relationship or you will be incriminated falsely for her suicide (Be very careful while taking this step. Don't give false statements). Even after all these steps if nothing works and she commits suicide incriminating you in suicide note then you will be having valid ground for getting anticipatory bail. Further during trial stage also it will help you.


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Sir just block her from Ur phone.. and Also from all apps...or just change Ur Number...and if she will give a police complaint.. then give statement that ... She forced me to do friendship and relationship.. now she is threating me to do marriage otherwise she will commit suicide.... I had friendship and relationship.. on her force.. but I can't marry her by force... That's why I had Break-up long back but she is still harrassing me.



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