Is there any exemption from paying alimony in divorce cases?

I want divorce from my wife as she is having an affair with her boyfriend, will i be exempted from paying any alimony in divorce as she is the one who is cheating on me?


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Pulkit Prakash

3 years of experience


Given the situation which you have stated in your query and considering it to be true in its letter and spirit you are in a situation wherein you will get the divorce from your wife in all possible circumstances. As far as, alimony part is concerned it totally depends upon the prevailing situation, education qualification, professional standards, earning capacity and others. So one can't affirm or negate over the subject unless he has been provided with full details over the subject.
But for your assurance yes it is possible to get your divorce done without having any liability to pay alimony to your wife.


undefined years of experience

Sir she is living in adultery.. if u have some proof or some evidence.. then u No need to give her single penny... for more details please contact me through pocket lawyer..

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