My is asking for divorce as she wants to leave me for another person. I don't want to leave her.

My wife moved to Canada with a job last year. In between she list her job. Therefore I had to stay back in India to support the financial obligations. She recently got a new job. Then we decided that I will also come to Canada quitting my job in India. Right after that we had a fight over an email I sent to her suspecting of an affair. First she denied the allegations then she admitted that she has an affair with him. She's recently moved in with him and is pressing me to apply a divorce in India. We fell in love in college 15 years ago and have been married for the last 5 years. I want her back in all cost and don't want a divorce. Her boyfriend also a Bengali from Kolkata is threatening me that he will initiate divorce process from their end if I don't file a divorce. What are my options.


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Sir first u give police complaint on her and her BF .. after that file a RCR ( restitution of conjugal rights) and drag the case .. don't give Divorce.. so that they can't marry..

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