I am in a relationship for almost 3 years now. Had stayed with my gf and one other female friend in a rented apartment for almost 10 months, now my gf moved to australia for further studies in month of oct last year...and now if i decide to marry someone else after notifying her, will it be a criminal offence and will it cause me any legal suit in any manner?


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Sonal Gupta

5 years of experience


I think it will not result in any kind of offence, even if you do not notify the previous gf.


Santosh Mathew

17 years of experience


Hello, 1) If your girl friend wants to bring about criminal charges, she can. You can be tried for rape under promise of marriage. The onus will be on you to prove that there was consensus. 2) Whether or not you notify her of your intentions to marry someone else would not make much of a difference as in either case she has the option to file complaints against you. 3) If she has no objections to your marrying someone else ( convince her of your reasons to move on), there should not be any legal issues for you.


undefined years of experience

Sir u can marry.. No offence...



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