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Change Official Address

A registered address for a company or LLP is the principal place where it does business. The government sends all official communication to this address. It is mandatory for every company or LLP to have a registered office. Moreover, it also needs to maintain all its accounts at the registered office. It is possible to change registered address for a business from either:

  • One place in a city, town or village to another in the same city, town, or village, or
  • One Place in a state to another place in the same state, or
  • Between two states.

For changing registered office within the same city, town or village, the business only needs to send a notice to the registrar. However, in the case of a change from one place to other, it also needs to pass a special resolution, along with the notice.

Documents for Changing Registered Office

The documents and details for changing registered address will depend on the place where the company wants to shift its address. Form INC 22 is common in all cases. Further forms which need to be filed according to the new registered address are:

  • MGT 14, if the change is from one place to another, but only within the same state.
  • INC 23, INC 28 as well as MGT 14 if the change is from one state to another.

You need the following documents for changing your registered office:

  • Corporate Identity Number (CIN) or SRN.
  • Name of the office of new ROC.
  • Address of Police station of the registered office.
  • Copy of utility bills such as telephone, gas, electricity or mobile.
  • Proof of present registered office, such as rent deed.
  • Permission to use the address as registered address.
  • DSC of the applicant.
  • DIN/PAN/Passport of the director or applicant.

However, please note that this is only a general list. You may need more or less details and documents depending on the type of form.

Fee for Changing Registered Office

The government fee starts from Rs. 200 and the professional fee starts from Rs. 500.

Timeline for Changing Registered Office

The entire process may take anywhere between  1 day to 5 days, subject to ROC approval.

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