Employment Contract

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Employment Contract

An employment contract defines the terms and conditions of service between an employer and employee. It contains detailed clauses which define every term of service in clear terms.

PocketLawyer understands that no two Employment Contract can be identical. PocketLawyer does not believe in using templates and instead drafts legal agreements from scratch so that the needs of the client can be tailor made into the agreement itself. The agreement will be drafted by an experienced lawyer who understands the importance of a well-drafted Employment Contract.

Who is it for?

You need it if you are an:

  • Employer hiring a new employee.
  • Employee looking to join a new entity/organization.

Benefits of Employment Contract

Whether you are an employer or employee, you should never operate without an employment contract. It is crucial to have it in place for the following reasons.

  • Protection to employer against any misconduct of employee
  • Establishment of clear and specific terms of service
  • Setting out jurisdiction for legal disputes
  • Protection of employee against unfair dismissal or discrimination at work
  • Establishing point of contact for employee grievances
  • Setting a clear hierarchy and reporting structure
  • Establishing the amount and terms of payments and promotions

Drafting an Employment Contract

The most important clauses of an employment contract are as follows.

1. Working Hours and Leaves

It is important to state in clear terms the hours of work as well as the leaves/paid leaves days that the employee is entitled. It should also specify overtime payment, if any.

2. Amount of Remuneration

This clause will specify the salary of the employee along with all other perks and benefits that come with the job.

3. Deduction of Tax

If the payment made to employee will be after deduction of tax, it needs to be specified in the employment contract itself.

4. Scope of Work

This clause will define the duties that the employee will perform as part of his daily work.

5. Reporting Structure

It is important to set a well-defined reporting structure to avoid miscommunication.

6. Responsibility of Employer and Employee

This clause will define responsibilities of both parties to avoid future disputes.

7. Probation

Probation period, if any, should be stated here.

8. Title and designation

This clause will clearly state the title/designation of the position on which the employee will be working.

9. Place of work

This clause defines the place where the employee will be working regularly.

10. Sexual Harassment Policy

A sound, gender-neutral and sturdy sexual harassment policy should form part of every work agreement. This should consist of mechanism of making complaints and resolution policies.

Procedure for custom-drafted Agreement

  1. Initial consultation and discussion
  2. The Expert will draft customized contract with placeholders for custom fields.
  3. The first draft will be shared in three (3) days
  4. Two round of changes to the first draft.

Fees for Employment Contract 

Fee for preparing a comprehensive employment contract starts from Rs. 3999

Why Choose PocketLawyer for drafting Agreement?

  • Experienced and qualified professionals with 12 years of average experience.
  • Access to highly qualified professionals anytime, anywhere in India.
  • Tailor-made agreement to fit the exact needs of clients
  • Fixed price. No hidden fees or long-term commitment.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our money back guarantee makes sure that you get complete satisfaction, every time you choose our services.

What is more?

  • Our dedicated support team is always there to help you with any query or issue that you may have.
  • Choosing PocketLawyer means the best service, at the best price.

Most importantly, we deliver what we promise. On time, every time.

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