ESI Return Filing

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ESI Return Filing

If you are an Employer with 10 or more employees working in your organization, you are mandatorily required to register with Employees State Insurance (ESI) Corporation (ESIC). ESI is a Social security and insurance scheme for the workers of your organization. For all employees, earning INR 15,000 or less per month as wages, employer must contribute 4.75% of basic wages to the ESI fund while Employees will contribute 1.75% of the basic wages. The former 4.75% is borne by the company, while the latter 1.75% is to be deducted from Salary, just like TDS or Profession Tax and the total contribution is to be deposited with ESIC every month.

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What is ESI Return?

While you pay ESI, only your Registration ID is shared and the ESI contributed. However, the details of employees also needs to be shared with ESIC to enable them to provide proper services to employees. ESI Return is form to declare the information about employees employed, their wages and contribution being paid on their behalf. ESI Returns are to be filed annually by 25th April while details of Contributors has to be submitted Semi-Annually by 11th May and 11th November.

Reasons for ESI Return Filing

  1. It is a mandatory and continued compliance.
  2. ESIC strives to provide medical and sickness benefits. If the returns are not filed appropriately employees may not be able to avail these benefits.

Documents to be provided for ESI Return Filing

  • Your ESIC Registration details (If not registered yet, you may ask your Tax Expert for Registration Services)
  • Details of Employees, their wages and ESI Contribution thereon (Alternatively, you may share the Salary Sheets or Salary Registers maintained)
  • Receipts of ESI Payments

Timeline for ESI Return Filing

  1. You will deduct ESI from Wages and pay the ESI monthly by 21st retaining the receipts. (Alternatively, you may take the help of your Tax Expert to pay the same)
  2. You will provide the details as listed above to your Tax Expert preferably within first week of April.
  3. Your Tax Expert will go through the documents in next couple of days and ask for more details, if required.
  4. You are expected to provide the additional details as soon as possible.
  5. Your tax expert will then process your details and prepare the ESI Return within next 3 days. The return will be shared with you for confirmation.
  6. After confirming, tax expert will file your return online before 25th An Acknowledgement will be generated.
  7. Similarly, the tax expert shall file your Semi-Annual details of contributions by 11th May and 11th

Documents to be Collected to File ESI Return

  • ESIC Return Acknowledgement
  • Detailed Contribution List Acknowledgement

Fee for ESI Return Filing and Time required

ESI Returns can be filed within 7 days. The minimum fees charged for filing Income returns is INR 1500. The criteria for deciding fees & time required depends on the number of employees in your organization.

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