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File Consumer Court Case

When you buy a product or avail a service, you expect to get full value for your money. In case you don't receive value for your money, you can contact the customer care to resolve your issue. But, what happens when they refuse to address your complaint? In such case, you need to file a consumer case against the seller or service provider. You can file a case under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

Filing a consumer case is a quick and easy to get the desired relief. However, please note that you need to file this case within two years from the date of cause of action. The cause of action means the event which brings about a reason to file the consumer case. For instance, if you buy a mobile phone from a store and you receive a defective set, it will be a cause of action for filing a case. Moreover, the complaint may also be filed after the expiry of two years. But you need to show sufficient reason to justify the delay.

Further, if you purchase goods or avail services for commercial use, you will not be treated as a consumer under the Act. However, purchase or hiring for self-employment is an exception. This means a self-employed person who purchases goods or avails services for his profession can file a complaint under this Act.

Steps in Filing a Consumer Case

After sending a consumer complaint notice, the following steps come next towards resolving your grievance as a customer:

  • Identifying the appropriate jurisdiction, both in respect of area as well as the monetary limit.
  • Paying the appropriate fee.
  • Drafting of consumer complaint which must contain all details about the grievance. It must provide certain information such as the cause of action, relief or compensation sought, and damages (if any).
  • Signing the complaint. The person making the complaint needs to sign it.
  • Attaching the supporting documents.

Documents to File a Consumer Case

You need to provide us with the following details and documents:

  • A Power of Attorney authorizing us to file a complaint on your behalf.
  • Copies of all supporting documents such as bills, invoices, correspondence with the seller or service provider etc.
  • Complete details of your complaint.
  • Affidavit stating that all facts in the complaint are true.

Timeline for Filing a Consumer Case

We will file a consumer case on your behalf within 5 business days of receiving all relevant details from your end.

Fee for Filing a Customer Case

The government fee varies with the amount of money involved in the case. If the consumer belongs to the BPL category and the amount does not exceed Rs. 1, 00,000, there is no government fee for filing a case. For other cases, the government fee starts from Rs. 100 and may go up to Rs. 5,000.

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If you need any help to file a consumer case, we at PocketLawyer can help. We will connect you with expert professionals. These professionals are experts in consumer protection laws. You can post your requirement and they will assist you with the entire legal process at affordable prices.

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