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Fundraising is the process of obtaining funds for your new business or a new product/business line. Fundraising operations are most common for startups. But, even existing businesses may need funds for any of the reasons mentioned below.

PocketLawyer is India's leading platform for fundraising services and we make the process of Raising Fund easy and hassle-free for you. In addition to Fundraising, PocketLawyer can also help you in preparing your Business Plan, Business ValuationBusiness Projection and more.

Why do I need to Raise Funds?

The only purpose is to raise sufficient funds for business operations. A business may need funds for all or any of the following reasons.

  • Working capital
  • Making investments
  • Purchasing assets
  • Expanding the business
  • Obtaining seed capital for the business
  • Introducing a new product
  • Launching a new business line
  • Entering a new market
  • Meeting day to day expenses of business
  • Paying staff salaries

What is the process of fundraising?

Raising funds involve the following steps:

A. Preparing a strategy

This involves developing an understanding of the fundraising environment. It also outlines the right funding choices for your business.

B. Fundraising Research

This involves learning about potential investors and matching them to your funding needs.

C. Obtaining Funds

Getting funds for your business. This is the part where you need a sound Business Plan.

D. Financial Plan

This is where you decide how to spend the funds you have raised.

Our Fundraising Services

On PocketLawyer, you can find the following services. These services will assist you from start to finish in raising funds for your business.

  • Strategy Making
  • Review of the strategy
  • Recommendations on your strategy
  • Specialized consultancy for reviewing your application for raising funds
  • Data analysis and research to know about potential investors
  • Specialized and focused planning for raising funds
  • Monitoring and review of plan for raising funds

Why choose PocketLawyer to Raise Funds?

  • Experienced and qualified professionals with 12 years of average experience.
  • Access to highly qualified professionals anytime, anywhere in India.
  • Fixed price. No hidden fees or long-term commitment.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our money back guarantee makes sure that you get complete satisfaction, every time you choose our services.

What is more?

  • Our dedicated support team is always there to help you with any query or issue that you may have.
  • Choosing PocketLawyer means the best service, at the best price

Most importantly, we deliver what we promise. On time, every time.

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