GST Return Filing

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GST Return Filing

If you are a GSTIN holder, GST return filing is a mandatory compliance for you. All business or professional entities with turnover exceeding INR 20 lakhs are required to obtain Goods & Services Tax (GST) registration. Once registered, you will receive GST Identification Number (GSTIN) – a unique identity for your business.

Under GST law, you are required to collect GST on your Sales and deposit the same with Government every month. At the end of every month, a summary of all Sale transactions has to be submitted online to the Tax Department. This process is known as Return filing and the form in which the return is to be filed is called GST Return. A normal taxpayer is required to file three such returns every month and one Annual return.

PocketLawyer is India's leading platform for Legal, Tax and Financial services. We make the process of GST Return Filing easy and hassle-free for you. In addition to GST Return Filing, PocketLawyer can also help you with Income Tax Return, Tax Notice Reply, Excise Return, TDS Return, ESI Return, and more.

Reasons for Filing GST Return

  1. GST Return Filing is a mandatory compliance. Failure to file returns in time, may attract penalty of INR 100 per day until return is filed. Non-compliance may attract Notice from Tax department.
  2. Under GST, the tax you deposit, is your client’s Tax Credit i.e. a discount against their outstanding tax. If you fail to file return in time, your client may not get the benefit of such tax which may impact your business relationship significantly.

Documents for GST Return Filing

  • Details of your business & GST registration
  • Details of Sales Transactions & GST collected and Purchase Transactions & GST paid. (Alternatively, you may share Sales Register & Purchase Register from your Accounting Software)
  • Digital Signature Certificate (Optional, you can request for Aadhar OTP option of verification)

Timeline for GST Return Filing

  1. At the end of every month, you will prepare a summary of all your Sales Transactions and GST collected and share these details with your tax expert preferably by 5th of every month.
  2. Your tax expert will go through the details and seek additional information if required, in next couple of days.
  3. On receipt of all information, your tax expert shall prepare GSTR – 1 online and file the same by 10th of every month. An Acknowledgement shall be generated.
  4. Meanwhile, you will prepare a summary of all your Purchase Transactions and GST paid. You will share these details with your tax expert not later than 10th of every month.
  5. Between 11th & 15th of every month, a Tax Credit window shall open. Here, the details of your Purchase transactions will automatically appear, since your vendors have mentioned the same in their GSTR-1 return. Your tax expert will verify all transactions and inform you about any mismatch. In such case, the expert will guide you with action to be taken to resolve it.
  6. After successfully verifying the details, your tax expert shall submit the GSTR – 2 return by 15th of every month. An Acknowledgement shall be generated.
  7. Between 16th & 20th of every month, GSTR – 3 return shall be generated automatically. You are required to now pay the outstanding GST tax, if any. Your tax expert will guide you with payment.
  8. On successful payment of tax, GSTR – 3 return can be submitted. An Acknowledgement shall be generated.
  9. If there are any other returns to be filed, your tax expert will guide you and ensure compliance.

Documents to be Collected to File GST Return

  • GSTR – 1, 2 & 3 Acknowledgement
  • Acknowledgement of any other return filed viz. GSTR – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10
  • Tax Payment receipts, if tax paid through tax expert

Fees for GST Return Filing and Time Required

GST Returns can be prepared & filed within 15 days. The average fees charged for filing GST Returns is INR 3,000 per month. You may be able to negotiate a better price & a better service, if you request Annual Compliance, covering returns for all months along with Annual Return. The criteria for deciding fees & time required, depends on the quantum of Sale & Purchase transactions in your entity.

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