Illegal/Delayed Possession

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Illegal/Delayed Possession

Investing money in property is a wise way to invest money. This is because it almost always guarantees return on investment. But, this investment may soon turn into a bad decision if you property comes into illegal possession of any other person. These days buildings or plots of lands lying vacant are easy targets for land grabbers. This is especially true in case of NRIs. They purchase properties but tend to overlook the maintenance of property. This makes the property even more prone to illegal possession. Therefore, it always a wise practice to take adequate steps for protecting your property from falling into wrong hands.

Types of Illegal Possession

It can take place in the following ways:
  • Possession by criminals or goons belonging to land mafia.
  • Forceful and illegal overstay by tenant even after expiry of term of lease.
  • Forgery of ownership documents by another person.

Precautions Against illegal possession

To protect your property, you can take the following steps:
  • Always have a watertight tenancy agreement with your tenant.
  • Make sure to make your tenant undergo police verification.
  • Renew or revoke lease agreements as soon as they expire.
  • Prepare a Power of Attorney (POA) only in favour of a trustworthy person.
  • Always make a Specific POA and not a General POA.
  • Keep all original papers related to property ownership in safe custody.
  • Inspect the property regularly. You can either do it yourself or ask someone else to do it for you.
  • Make sure to fence the property from all sides.
  • Place signboards claiming your ownership over the property at visible places.

Remedies against illegal possession

The most viable remedy is to file a legal suit against the person possessing your property. In case of a tenant, you can also start eviction proceedings under the Rent Control Act of your state.

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