Non-Compete Agreement

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Non-Compete Agreement

A non compete agreement is a legally binding document where the parties have the potential to become rivals in the future. It is a contract where one party agrees not to engage in any trade or profession which is similar to the business of the other party.

A non compete agreement may take place between former business partners or even between employers and employees.

It is important for every business to continue the patronage of its client. A non compete agreement is the way to make sure that former employees or business partners do not steal the clients of the business.

These agreements are usually for a specific duration. However, in certain situations, they may last an entire lifetime.

PocketLawyer is India's leading platform for agreement services and understands that no two non compete agreement can be identical. PocketLawyer does not believe in using templates and instead drafts legal agreements from scratch so that the needs of the client can be tailor made into the agreement itself. The agreement will be drafted by an experienced lawyer who understands the importance of a well-drafted non-compete agreement.

Who is it for?

This agreement is for every person and business which wishes to protect itself against theft of clients by persons who may become competitors in the future. Such situation may arise between existing partners in business and also between employers and ex-employees in businesses where provision of service is the main element.

Benefits of Non Compete Agreement

Businesses operate in highly competitive environments. Continued patronage of clients is critical to survival of business. There may be situations when partners of employees leave the organization. When such situation arises, it is highly likely that they will try to bring their clients with them.

To avoid losing clients to such situations, a non compete agreement is the way to go.

Drafting Non Compete Agreement

Apart from the general clauses covering party details and definitions, the following clauses form a major part of a non compete agreement.

1. Effective Date

This clause defines the date and time on which the agreement will come into operation. In most cases, it comes into operation as soon as a person leaves the organization.

2. Reasons for Agreement

Every organization may have different reasons for enforcing a non compete agreement. In some cases, it may be the possibility of an employee leaving the organization. In other cases, it may be some dispute or disagreement between business partners.

3. Geographic Area for operation of agreement

This clause will define the physical territory for operation of agreement. For example, whether the non compete applies only to the state/region in which the business has operations or to the entire country.

4. Compensation

This clause specifies the manner in which the person agreeing not to compete will be compensated. It will also specify the amount of compensation.

5. Time Period

This clause will specify the time for which the agreement will be valid. In most cases, it lasts for a few years before ceasing to operate.

6. Additional Terms

This clause may contain some additional terms for not competing against the business. For example, it may prohibit another person from hiring existing employees of the business or from disclosing confidential information.

Procedure for custom-drafted Agreement

  1. Initial consultation and discussion
  2. The Expert will draft customized contract with placeholders for custom fields.
  3. The first draft will be shared in three (3) days
  4. Two round of changes to the first draft.

What is the fee?

Fee for preparing a non compete agreement starts from Rs. 3999

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What is more?

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