Patent Registration

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Patent Registration

Patent registration in India takes places under the Patents Act, 1970. A patent gives its owner the exclusive right to make and sell a product. It also enables the owner to prevent unauthorized production and sale of his invention. The term of patent protection in India is 20 years.

Features of Patent

In order to be eligible for patent, an invention must satisfy the following three conditions.

  • Inventiveness which means that the invention should not be obvious for a person who is skilled in the relevant art.
  • Industrial utility which means that the invention must be capable of being used and produced in an industry.
  • Novelty which means that the patent is not available in public domain before the date of application.

Benefits of Patent

Getting a patent has the following benefits:

  • You can generate revenue by selling it or renting it.
  • It may give you the monopoly in the market.
  • You will be able to use it for expanding or building a business.
  • It will make raising capital for business easier.
  • You can also receive royalty by licensing it.

Steps in Patent Registration

Following steps are involved in the registration of a patent, from the very first step till the last:

  • Patent search which determines whether your invention is eligible for the patent.
  • Preparing the application.
  • Drafting of claims stating what the invention claims to do.
  • Making a request for publication.
  • Requesting examination of the invention.
  • Responding to objections (if any).
  • Renewing the patent (subject to approval).

Documents for Registration

At the initial stage, you will need the following documents:

Provisional or complete specification (two copies).

  • Two copies of the drawing (if needed).
  • Details such as number, date of filing and the current status of a foreign patent (two copies).
  • Power of Attorney.
  • A declaration about the inventor-ship.
  • Title of the invention.
  • Details of the applicant such as name, address, and nationality.
  • Priority document (if claiming priority).

Apart from this, we may also need some additional documents at later stages of registration. We will ask you to provide the relevant information and/or details as and when the need arises.

Fee for Patent Registration

Our all-inclusive package for registration of patent starts from Rs. 22999.

Timeline for Patent Registration

Please allow us a period of at least 10 days to file your application. This is because drafting a patent application needs minute attention to detail. Moreover, the time taken for actual registration will depend on government processing and will be subject to various other factors as well.

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