Private Limited Company Annual Filing

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Private Limited Company Annual Filing

There are various types of annual compliance for Private Limited Company in India. The Companies Act, 2013 has made compliance rules even more stringent than the earlier companies act. It also lays down a fine on the company and its officers for non-compliance.

Types of Annual Compliance for Private Limited Company

A private limited company needs to comply with the following requirements:

  • Appointing an auditor for the company and filing form ADT-1.
  • Getting a statutory audit of the accounts of the company.
  • Filing annual return in Form MGT-1.
  • Holding the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Making the director's report as per section 134 of companies’ law.
  • Filing a return of financial statements in form AOC-4.
  • Preparing and filing the Income Tax Return.
  • Filing forms related to directors such as DIR-8 and MBP-1.

Moreover, there are other types of compliance which depend on the capital and size of the company. For example, private companies with a capital of more than Rs. 10 Crore also need to file Form MGT-8.

Further, a company needs to ensure some other event-based compliance too. For instance, it needs to intimate the Registrar if it changes its authorized capital. It also needs to do so if it gives loans to its directors as well as other companies.

Documents for Annual Compliance for Private Limited Company

You need the following details and documents:

  • Details of auditors and directors of the company.
  • Financial statements such as Profit & Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Calculation and payment of advance tax during the year.
  • Disclosures under the Sexual Harassment Act.
  • Other material details such as internal financial controls.

Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list. We will provide you a specific checklist according to your needs.

Fee for Annual Compliance for Private Limited Company

The government fee varies with the share capital and starts from Rs. 2,000. The professional fee starts from Rs. 8000. Moreover, there is additional government fee if there is a delay in filing.

Timeline for Annual Compliance for Private Limited Company

We will file the requisite forms after receiving all relevant details from your end.

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