Property Exchange Deed

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Property Exchange Deed

A property exchange deed is a legal document through which you can transfer your property to someone else in exchange of their property. The legal provisions governing a property exchange deed are similar to that of a Sale Deed.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to exchange an immovable property with another person.

Which property can I transfer?

You can transfer immovable property such as a house or land. But, the property must be existing property. You cannot transfer property which will come into existence in the future.

How is it Different from a Gift Deed?

It does not differ much in content. But, the difference lies in the consideration.

You can transfer your property without charging any money from the other person through a Gift Deed. This means that you can transfer your property without any consideration.

But, you exchange one property for another through a property exchange deed. So, there is consideration on both sides.

What is the procedure for making a property exchange deed?

It involves three steps.

  • Drafting the exchange deed
  • Executing the exchange deed
  • Registration of Exchange Deed at the sub-registrar's office

Registration of a property exchange deed is compulsory. Without registration, it will not be valid.

What documents do I need?

You don't need any documents for making a property exchange deed. But, you do need the following details.

  • Details of the both the parties.
  • Value of both the properties.
  • All details of the properties being exchanged such as location and measurements.

What is the fee?

Stamp duty and the registration fee is different for every state. The stamp duty depends on the value of the property. The professional fee starts from Rs. 5000.

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