Sexual Harassment at workplace

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Sexual Harassment at workplace

Sexual harassment of women at workplace used to be a common occurrence. Moreover, in most cases it also went unreported. This was because there was no law governing sexual harassment of women at workplace. However, this changed when the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act was passed in 2013. This Act makes it clear that sexual harassment breaches fundamental rights of women.

Objectives of the Sexual Harassment Act

This Act has the following major objectives:

  • Protecting women against sexual harassment.
  • Addressing and resolving their complaints as well as other related matters.
  • Compelling the employer to provide a safe and secure work environment to women employees.

Who is Covered under the Act

This Act applies to every part of India and covers any woman of any age who:

  • Faces harassment of a sexual nature in workplace, whether she is in employment or not.
  • Is in employment at a dwelling place or house.

Moreover, the term work under this act covers almost every place of work and also includes transport provided by the employer.

What is Covered under the Act?

It covers the following act:

  • Physical contact and advances.
  • Any demand or request for sexual favours.
  • Making any comments or remarks with a sexual meaning.
  • Showing pornography.
  • Any other undesirable behavior of sexual nature.
  • Circumstances that may interfere or threaten with the work.

Further, the Act even states that sexual harassment will also include any humiliating treatment that may affect the woman's health or safety.

What is the Remedy Available the Act?

A woman can make a complaint to the internal or local committee within 3 months of the incident. The committee will inquire into the matter and forward it to the Police in case the complaint is true. However, before the inquiry, the committee will try to reconcile the matter between the woman and the offender. But this reconciliation cannot be in the form of money.

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