Tenant Eviction Notice

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Tenant Eviction Notice

A notice for Eviction is issued by a landlord to his tenant. The landlord issues this notice when the tenant refuses to vacate the house even after the lease period expires. Every state has its own rent control act. For instance, Delhi Rent Control Act, 1995 governs the provisions of tenancy in Delhi. The Rajasthan Rent Control Act governs tenancy provisions in Rajasthan in a similar way.

Grounds for Eviction

The rent control act in every state lays down the grounds for eviction of a tenant. A landlord can issue a notice for possession on any of these grounds. These grounds are more or less similar in every state. They are listed below.

  • The tenant does not pay the rent in arrears for more than two months.
  • If the tenant has sub-let the premises without the landlord's permission.
  • The tenant uses the premises for a purpose other than he rented them.
  • Tenant himself does not reside in the premises for more than two years.
  • Family of the tenant does not live in the premises for more than six months (only if the tenancy was for residential purposes).
  • The landlord needs to carry out repairs in the premises because they are unsafe or unfit for human residence.
  • The government orders immediate demolition of the premises.
  • The landlord needs to carry repairs and it is only possible when the premises are vacant.
  • The landlord needs to re-build the premises or make a substantial alteration.
  • If there are only two floors in the premises and the landlord needs to immediately demolish and then re-build them.
  • The tenant, his spouse or a dependent child builds or is allotted a residence.
  • The landlord allots the premises to the tenant when he is in landlord's employment and such employment comes to an end.
  • If the tenant causes substantial damage to the premises.
  • The tenant causes nuisance or annoyance in the neighbourhood or uses the premises to do an illegal or immoral act.
  • The landlord needs the premises for his own residential or commercial use.
  • The tenant fails to prove that he is a bona-fide tenant.
  • The tenant makes some alteration to the premises without landlord's permission.

Fee for Preparing a Notice for Possession/Reply to Notice for Possession

The professional fee starts from INR 3599.

Timeline for Preparing a Notice for Possession/Reply to Notice for Possession

It usually takes 2-3 business days for preparing a notice or its reply. But please note that this is always subject to the timeliness with which you provide all relevant details to us.

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