Visa Appeal

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Visa Appeal

A visa appeal is an appeal against rejection of a visa or immigration application. If your application is rejected, you will receive a rejection letter stating the reasons for refusal of application. This letter also states whether you are eligible to file an appeal against the decision or not.

Who Can file it?

Any person whose visa or immigration application has been rejected. But, in the cases below, an appeal may not be possible.

  • Fraud in documentation.
  • False information in application.

How is it different from a Visa Petition?

A visa petition is an application for immigrant visa to the US. A visa appeal is filed when a visa or immigration application is rejected.

What are the reasons for refusal of visa?

  • Different countries have different criteria for granting a visa or allowing immigration. Some common reasons may be:
  • Lack of proper documentation.
  • Poor preparation or presentation in the visa interview.
  • False information or fraudulent documentation.
  • Present of past actions of the applicant such as a criminal record.
  • Insufficient funds for the visit.
  • Failure to convince the consular officer about your intent to return to your home country (for non-immigrant visas)
  • Absence of strong ties to the home country.

What does the term strong ties to home country mean?

The exact definition varies from one country or even city to another. Some examples of strong ties are:

  • Job in the home country.
  • Property in the home.
  • Relationship with friends and family.

Can I get a refund for the application money?

In most countries, application fee is non-refundable. So, it's unlikely that you will receive a refund for visa or immigration application fee.

Can I reapply for the visa instead of filing a visa appeal?

You can reapply for the visa with a new application. However, you may not get a visa unless there is a major difference in your application details than last time.

You have to pay the fee again if you reapply for a visa.

What is the process of filing a visa appeal?

The process may differ from one country to another. But, the usual steps are as follows.

  • Filing of application in writing. Applications sent through fax or email are usually not considered.
  • Review of the application.
  • Re-examination on the basis of further comments or additional supporting documents(if any)
  • Hearing (in some countries and cases).
  • Final decision.
  • Rejection of appeal or reversal of earlier decision.

What is the due date for filing a Visa Appeal?

It varies from one country to another. The usual time range is between 1-2 months. It is important to file the appeal well in time. This will ensure that you do not miss the chance of hearing or re-examination.

What is the fee?

There is no government fee for filing an appeal.

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