Website Development and Service Agreement

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Website Development and Service Agreement

A website development and service agreement takes place between a website developer and a person or business. You will need to enter into this agreement if you want a website for yourself or your business. You will also need it if you are a website developer yourself and going to develop a website for someone. The Indian Contract Act, 1872 governs this agreement, just like all other legally binding agreements. Because of fast developing technology, now the Information Technology Act also applies to such agreements.

PocketLawyer is India's leading platform for Business Agreements drafting. It does not use boilerplate templates for drafting agreements. We are aware that each agreement is unique with regards to its substance as well as the parties for whom it is drafted. Thus, we aim to draft agreement tailor-made to suit the needs of the client. In addition to Website Development and Service Agreement, PocketLawyer can also help you with drafting of Website Terms and Conditions, Joint Venture Agreement, Privacy Policy, Founders' Agreement, Shareholders Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Vendor Agreement, and more.

Essential Clauses of Website Development and Service Agreement

A website development and service agreement will typically have:

  • A clause with the scope of work.
  • An ownership clause that states who will be the owner of the website.
  • A clause that deals with the licensing of the final product.
  • Indemnification clause seeks to protect the other party if the material used by one party is not original.
  • Protection of confidential information clause.
  • Warranties, both from the client's side as well as the developer's side.
  • Developer's liability towards the client.
  • Definitions clause that defines all important terms used in the agreement.

Reasons to have a Website Development and Service Agreement

It is important to have a website development and service agreement in place before you start developing a website. Below are some reasons why it is important.

  • To establish clear liability if the work is not up to the mark.
  • For clearly defining the scope of work.
  • To avoid future disputes about website ownership.
  • To set realistic expectations about the pricing and the payment.
  • For setting a reasonable time frame for completion of work.

Fees for Drafting the Agreement

Starts at INR 2999.

Timeline for Preparation

 6-8 days after receiving all the relevant details from your end.

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