Website Terms and Conditions

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Website Terms and Conditions

The Website Terms & Conditions is a legal statement/document that details the terms and conditions that the user must abide by while using a company’s website. The terms and conditions detail the license of the copyright in the website. It may include a disclaimer of liability.

PocketLawyer is India's leading platform for Business Agreements drafting. PocketLawyer does not use boilerplate templates for drafting agreements. PocketLawyer is aware that each agreement is unique with regards to its substance as well as the parties for whom it is drafted. Thus, PocketLawyer aims to draft agreement tailor-made to suit the needs of the client. In addition to Website Terms & Conditions drafting, PocketLawyer can also help you with drafting of Joint Venture Agreement, Privacy Policy, Refund and Return Policy, Founders' Agreement, Shareholders Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Vendor Agreement, and more.

Why Website Terms & Conditions is important?

  • It acts as a disclaimer of liability of the company.
  • It lays down the ways in which the website may be used by visitors.
  • It lays down the restrictions of usage of the website. This is specified in the copyright license.
  • Lays down terms of payment, if required.
  • It can also contain statutory disclosures such as age limit for using the website etc.

Thus the terms and conditions are the rulebook by which website users have to abide. By using a website, the users automatically consent to the terms and conditions.

All websites must have terms and conditions for use. Terms and conditions prevent abuse of your intellectual property and other information by website users. It establishes ownership over your content. Without terms and conditions, a website cannot be truly your own.

Drafting terms and conditions

This statement is an agreement between the end user and the company. It is required by any website offering services/goods. Terms and conditions must be clearly accessible on the website. Terms and conditions should contain the following:

  • Establish ownership through copyright license.
  • Acceptable use clause- What are the ways in which information on this website may be used? The terms and conditions must answer this question. What constitutes abuse of acceptable use? Situations such as spamming, copyright infringement, posting inappropriate/defamatory comments should be outlined.
  • Variation clause- A clause that allows the company to vary its terms and conditions as it chooses.
  • Payment clause- In case a website handles payments of some sort, the procedure for such payments should be specified in the terms.
  • Registration clause- In case the use of the website requires registration, the procedure for the same should be laid down in the terms and conditions. How to deregister from the website should also be specified.
  • Disclaimer of liability must be established by the terms and conditions.
  • Dispute settlement- What courts have jurisdiction over disputes arising from the terms and conditions? The terms should lay down the jurisdiction as well as the laws applicable to it. 

Why Choose PocketLawyer?

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